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Village and Neighbourhood Design Statements

Village and Neighbourhood Design Statements are produced by local groups within each parish/residents group. Design statements are adopted by Winchester City Council as Supplementary Planning Documents to the Local Plan. For further details please contact the relevant parish clerk.

Many Parish Councils are starting to think about updating their Village Design Statements (VDS) and guidance on matters to include is available using the link on the right hand side of this page.

Timing of updating Village Design Statements.

The Local Plan currently consists of LPP1 & LPP2.  Any VDS adopted at the present time will therefore be supplementary to the adopted policies within that plan.  The Council is currently undertaking a review of the existing plan with the intention of adopting a new Local Plan by mid-2024 which would supersede the content and policies of the current plan.

You may wish to bear this timetable in mind when considering any updates or preparation of new design guidance as any supplementary planning guidance adopted between now and the adoption of the new local plan will need to be refreshed to make reference to Local Plan 2039 policies once that plan has been adopted. Please contact planning policy for further advice on this.

If you wish to discuss any updates to existing VDS/LADS please get in touch to discuss.

Below are the adopted Design Statements within Winchester District:


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