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This general Privacy Statement applies whenever you visit our website and whenever Winchester City Council collects your personal data - on-line, by letter, email, telephone and via our Customer Service Centre or in person.

Most of the time  we collect personal information, such as your name and address so that we can contact you and provide a service to you. This is often because we have a contract with you to provide a service or because we are carrying out one of the many statutory functions (public tasks) that Councils carry out for you. In many cases, the law says that we can or must use your personal information and so we do not need your consent.   

In this Privacy Statement we provide you with general information that applies to all the personal data that we collect from you. Also on this page you will find a list of service areas where we give you a more detailed Privacy Notice which explains why we need to collect and use your personal information, who we may share it with and how long we will keep it for. 

Our aim is to use clear and plain language to explain to you the ways we use your personal data. We will tell you if we start to use your information in ways or for reasons that we haven’t done before.


  • Data Controller
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Personal data
  • Why we are allowed to use your personal data (lawful basis)
  • What we do with your personal data (and what we don’t do )
  • Fraud and data matching
  • Your rights
  • How long we keep your personal data for
  • Telephone monitoring and Recording
  • Your right to seek advice and /or complain





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