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Gypsy and Traveller DPD Adoption

The Council submitted the Traveller DPD for examination on 9 May 2018.

The Secretary of State appointed Mrs Louise Crosby MA MRTPI to conduct the Examination, which was held on Monday 3rd September and Tuesday 4th September 2018 respectively.

The Council prepared a series of Modifications to the Traveller DPD, which reflected matters in response to representations and discussion at the hearings. These were published for consultation for 6 weeks from 8 October until noon on 23 November 2018.

The Council received the Inspectors report on 28 January 2019 and the DPD was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 28 February 2019. The adopted DPD can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page along with the other associated documents.

 For all enquiries about the Gypsy, Traveller & Travelling Showpersons Development Plan please contact


Index list of G&T Submission Documents

Core Documents:

CD1: Winchester District Local Plan Part 1: Joint Core Strategy

CD2: Winchester District Local Plan Part 2: Development Management and Site Allocations

CD3: Denmead Neighbou Plan

CD4: Hampshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan

CD5: Traveller DPD Reg 18

CD6: Traveller DPD Reg 19 (pdf, 1mb)

CD7: Policies Map G & T Submission (pdf, 8.9mb)

CD8: Schedule of Proposed Modifications (pdf, 48kb)

CD9: Statement of Community Involvement

CD10: Annual Monitoring Report 2017

CD11: Local Development Scheme 2017

CD12: Reg 22 Statement (pdf, 1.7mb)

CD13: Duty to Cooperate Statement Reg 22 (pdf, 174kb)

CD14: Traveller Submission Background paper (pdf, 129kb)

CD15: Reg 22 Public Notice (pdf, 29kb)

CD16: Statement of Documents Available for Inspection (pdf, 30kb)

CD17: Equalities Impact Assessment Reg 22 (pdf, 52kb)

CD18: G&T Pre Submission consultation responses (Policy order) (pdf, 4.9mb)

CD19: G&T Pre Submission consultation responses (respondent order)

CD20: Soundness Self Assessment (pdf, 316kb)

CD21: Legal Compliance Self Assessment (pdf, 74kb)

CD22: Winchester District Local Plan Part 2: Development Management and Site Allocations Inspectors Report

Evidence Base:

EB1: Winchester GTAA Need Summary (pdf, 1mb)

EB2: G&T Site Assessment Study (pdf, 2.4mb)

Sustainability Appraisals:

SA1: Reg 18 Traveller DPD SA Report

SA2: G&T Reg 19 SA report (pdf, 1.9mb)

SA3: SA HRA note G&T submission (pdf, 103kb)

Other Documents:

OD1: Committee Reports (pdf, 1.3mb)

OD2: Winchester City Council and East Hampshire District Council Statement of Common Ground (May 2018) (pdf, 223kb)

OD3: Winchester City Council and South Downs National Park Statement of Common Ground (March 2018) (pdf, 167kb)

OD4: Winchester City Council Response to Inspector's Inital Questions for Council (pdf, 21kb)

OD5: Reg 18 Consultation Statement (pdf, 4.5mb)

OD6: Reg 19 Consultation Statement (pdf, 782kb)

OD7: Duty to Cooperate Statement Reg 18 (pdf, 274kb)

OD8:   Duty to Cooperate Statement Reg 19

OD9:   Equalities Impact Assessment Reg 18

OD10: Equalities Impact Assessment Reg 19

OD11: Hampshire GTAA Summary 2016 – 2036

Please note: Those parts of the report that refer to SDNP have not been endorsed by the SDNP, and have been superseded by more recent evidence

OD12: Traveller Site Assessment Methodology

OD13: WCC Proposed Criteria Based Policy (pdf, 20kb)

OD14: Gypsy and Traveller DPD Tracked Change Version (pdf, 2.1mb)

Further Statements:

FS1: WCC Matter 1 (pdf, 80kb)Legal/Procedural Requirements

FS2: WCC Matter 2 (pdf, 63kb) The Duty to Co-operate

FS3: WCC Matter 3 (pdf, 686kb) Evidence Base

FS4: WCC Matter 4 (pdf, 1.6mb) Supply of sites

FS4: WCC Matter 4 Appendix C Update (pdf, 30kb)

FS5: WCC Matter 5 (pdf, 59kb) Criteria Based Policies

FS6: WCC Matter 6 (pdf, 895kb) Site allocations

FS7 A: Murdoch Planning (pdf, 102kb)

FS7 B: Murdoch Planning Appendix 1 (pdf, 170kb)

FS7 C: Murdoch Planning Appendix 2 (pdf, 229kb)

FS7 D: Murdoch Planning Appendix 3 (pdf, 1.6mb)

FS7 E: Murdoch Planning Appeal Statement (pdf, 155kb)

FS7 F: Murdoch Planning (pdf, 237kb): List of Gypsy and Traveller Sites within Winchester District

FS7 G: Murdoch Planning (pdf, 532kb): WCC response to Appeal APP/L1765/C/17/3184051

FS8: Cunnane Town Planning (pdf, 2.5mb)






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