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Archaeology and Central Winchester Regeneration

This page gives a summary of the Archaeology Advisory Panel findings and latest updates


CWR Archaeology Updates

We hosted an Archaeology day on the Central Winchester Regeneration site on Wednesday 6 October 2021, Keith Wilkinson from ARCA, University of Winchester spoke to over 50 interested local residents on site during an informal drop-in session in the morning. This was followed by a presentation hosted online highlighting some of the findings so far, and a Q&A session with the Central Winchester Regeneration Archaeology Advisory Panel. Please see a copy of the presentation here. (pdf, 3.6mb)

We also held an Archaeology Update session and Archaeology Panel discussion on Tuesday 26 July 2022 summarising findings from the works so far and the proposed next stage of works, with an opportunity for the public to ask questions. The meeting also sought the endorsement from the Archaeology Panel on the proposed next steps, and this was granted. The council will therefore proceed with the proposed next stage, subject to budget approval.

A copy of the presentation can be seen here. (pdf, 1.3mb)



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Archaeology and Central Winchester Regeneration

Archaeology is an important aspect of the site and heritage of our City. Additional external resource has been procured to start supporting the in house team to develop a archaeology investigation project plan and specification for tenders for the archaeological investigations.

The Advisory Panel set up in Autumn 2017 by Winchester City Council, comprising nationally-recognised archaeologists and local specialists, reported its findings at the IPG in public on 19 March 2018.

Advisory Panel Chair, Professor Martin Biddle FBA, Emeritus Fellow, Hertford College, Oxford, said: “This site is immensely important both historically and archaeologically. It represents a time slice through the City’s history. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about, capture and preserve the City’s rich past, and we must get this right. National planning guidance stresses that preservation should be the primary objective, and the panel shares this view.”

The panel’s recommendations span: the planning policy and guidance for archaeology in the area; information about the water table and preservation conditions within the area; the archaeological strategy for developers to meet; how the area and any findings will be surveyed and evaluated; construction on the site; and how the community could be involved and the public realm enhanced.

You can access the full report on the Technical reports page.

We’ve summarised the key points from the report here:


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