Dangerous Wild Animals Licence

  • Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

    This Act is to regulate the keeping of certain kinds of dangerous animals (click here for the current list), not including those kept in a zoo, circus, pet shop, or registered for the purpose of experiments. The assumption of possession continues even if the animal escapes or is being transported. Premises must be inspected by a vet before a licence can be granted, and the Council must decide that it would not be contrary to the public interest on the grounds of safety, nuisance or otherwise to issue a licence.
    Specific conditions apply to the licensing of dangerous animals, including:

    • Requirements that they will not be moved from the licensed premises (unless allowed for in the licence).
    • The licence holder must be insured against liability.
    • Restrictions on the species and number of animals to be kept.

    If a dangerous wild animal is being kept without the authority of a licence or in contravention of a licence condition, the local authority may seize the animal and retain it, destroy it or otherwise dispose of it - in these circumstances, any costs would be met by the owner.

    We are responsible for licensing establishments, shops or individuals that fall under this legislation. Licences run for 2 years from the date of issue. The licence charges are listed below.

  • Conditions

    Winchester City Council must impose any conditions on the licence that it considers to be necessary, such as:

    • Animals will be kept in accommodation that is suitable regarding size, temperature, lighting, ventilation, and cleanliness.
    • Animals will be supplied with adequate food, drink, and bedding material.
    • Animals will be adequately exercised and visited regularly.
    • Precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of infectious or contagious diseases.
    • Appropriate steps will be taken in case of fire or other emergency

    Additionally, veterinary surgeons and practitioners, local authority officers, or competent persons authorised by the local authority may inspect licensed premises and any animals found there at any reasonable time. Unlicensed premises may be inspected by applying for a warrant.

  • Fees

    For 2020/21 the cost is:

    £62 plus full cost of vets inspection. You will be invoiced for the full amount after your veterinary inspection has taken place.

    To apply, please complete the online application. Alternatively, download and complete the application form  from the page opposite and Email it to EHealth@winchester.gov.uk

    *While Covid 19 restrictions are in place, please make your licence application as usual. We will not be able to inspect your premises until social distancing restrictions have been lifted but, if your current licence expires during that period and you have applied to renew, you will be sent a letter extending your licence. When your inspection has been carried out, assuming the conditions have been met, your new licence will be issued and backdated.

    We understand how difficult things are and our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all our businesses during these difficult times. To keep up with the latest rules and guidance regarding Covid 19, including support and advice for business, please see information on our website here, and on the Government website here

  • Refusal of licence

    A licence will be refused;

    • If the applicant is under 18.
    • If the applicant has been disqualified from holding an animal licence or keeping an animal.
    • If conditions of the licence are not met.
    • if it is contrary to the public interest on the grounds of safety, nuisance or otherwise to grant the licence
    • if the applicant for the licence is not a suitable person to hold a licence under this Act
    • if the welfare of the animal(s) is compromised

    If a licence is refused or conditioned, the applicant may appeal to a magistrates court against the refusal or a particular condition. The courts may revoke a licence and disqualify a defendant from holding an animal licence for a set period of time.