Community Safety and Neighbourhood Services

Community Safety and Neighbourhood Services

The Community Safety and Neighbourhood Services Team work towards creating a safer, cleaner and greener Winchester through engaging with the local community and actively responding to community issues.

Our team are very busy supporting the national efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It may take us longer to reply to any other enquiry, so please bear with us. 

Customers can continue to report incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour or Flytipping on-line via the reporting app: (or by clicking on the link below)

You can choose 'submit the report anonymously' if you don't wish to register or log-in

Our team will endeavour to respond to your reports as soon as possible but we ask you to appreciate that our priority in terms of resources, finances or people, might be diverted to critical functions during this unprecedented  period.  This may result in us not being able to respond to you as quickly as we would like to.