Anti-Social Behaviour

The Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 came into force on 20 October 2014, this Act provides guidance for agencies on how anti-social behaviour can be dealt with.

Further information on current legislation, powers and enforcements currently being used to tackle anti-social behaviour, can be found below.

  • Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in Winchester City Council

    PSPOs replace existing legislation and introduce wider discretionary powers to deal with nuisances or problems which harm the local community’s quality of life. They were created as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, (section 59). 

    The order is intended to ensure that people can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour. The law requires the order must be published in writing and reasonable signage must be put up in the area.

    Breaking an order is a criminal offence, which can result in a fixed penalty notice or prosecution. If prosecuted, an individual could be fined up to £1,000. Only those aged over 18 or over can be issued with a FPN.

    A PSPO has been introduced in Winchester City centre, which is currently an Alcohol Control Zone, inorder to tackle street drinking and anti-social behaviour,

    The restrictions include;

    • Behaving in a manner, either as an individual or within a group of people, which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, whilst being in possession of an open container of, or consuming alcohol. This does not include licensed premises.
  • Community Protection Notice (CPN) & Community Protection Warning (CPW)

    A Community Protection Notice (CPN) is a notice that can be served on any person aged 16yrs and over. The purpose of the CPN is to prevent them from engaging in low level ASB. A person who has been issued a CPN and fails to comply with it, commits an offence under section 48 (1). This could also result in legal proceedings being taken, fines upto £2500 and a criminal record. In some cases a FPN of up to £100 may be served as an alternative or direct remedial action could be taken.

    A Community Protection Warning (CPW) is issued in writing prior to a Community Protection Notice (CPN), in order to provide the appropriate party sufficient time to address their conduct.

  • How can I report Anti-Social Behaviour?
    • 101: this is Hampshire Constabulary 24 hour non emergency number to report a crime that doesn't require an urgent response. If your call is an emergency and you require an immediate police response then you should dial 999.
    • Winchester City Council Online reporting: You can report incidents of anti social behaviour via our reporting forms which can be found here; Report  (you can choose 'submit the report anonymously' if you don't wish to register or log-in)
    • Contact your housing provider: if you are experiencing anti social behaviour and you are a housing tenant it may be advantageous for you to contact your housing provider
    • Neighbourhood Services Officer - Anti Social Behaviour: if you are an owner occupier or private resident and experiencing anti social behaviour please contact the Neighbourhood Services Officer - Anti Social Behaviour on 01962 840 222.
    • Speak to your local councillor: You can approach your elected member who represents your ward for advice and guidance on who you should speak to about your concerns.