Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Licence

A 'Hackney Carriage' is more commonly called a Taxi. It is the responsibility of the City Council to regulate the number of Hackney Carriages it licenses.

This licence is required for vehicles that will ply for hire, be flagged down or hired at a taxi rank. Once licensed, a taxi remains a taxi until the licence expires. These vehicles have a roof sign and display a yellow plate on the rear of the vehicle.

Vehicles to be licensed must be mechanically suitable. The mechanical condition is to be conformed by a detailed inspection undertaken at the expense of the proprietor at the Council's designated testing stations; details of which can be found below.

Throughout your application, you must be honest in supplying information to us and must not, under any circumstances, make a false statement at any time to obtain your vehicle licence. This is a serious offence.