Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

On 2 May 2019, Winchester City Council changed the online method of applying for a Temporary Event Notice, so for regular applicants it will appear differently. If you have any problems or queries, please contact the Licensing Department.

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is given by an individual (a premises user) and authorises the premises user to conduct one or more licensable activities at a premises for no more than 168 hours (7 days).

TENs can be used to authorise relatively small-scale ad hoc events held in or on any premises involving no more then 499 people at any one time, subject to certain restrictions.

Temporary event notices (TENs) can be given to permit any or all of the following:

  • The sale of alcohol
  • The supply of alcohol to members of a registered club
  • Provision of late night refreshment - hot food or hot drink at any time after 23:00 or before 05:00.
  • Entertainment which is defined as:
    1. a performance of a play
    2. an exhibition of a film
    3. an indoor sporting event
    4. a boxing or wrestling entertainment
    5. a performance of live music
    6. any playing of recorded music
    7. a performance of dance
    8. entertainment of a similar description to that falling within paragraphs (5), (6) or (7), where the entertainment takes place in the presence of an audience and is provided for the purpose, or for purposes which include the purpose, of entertaining that audience 

The Alcohol Licensing and the Entertainment Licensing sections of the GOV.UK website provides further information on whether a licence is required.

  • Important Information - please read before submitting a TEN:

    A Temporary Event Notice must be given to the Licensing Authority using the statutory application form, preferably using the online facility. If you wish to apply by post, please contact the Licensing Department for a paper copy of the application form.

    There are two types of Temporary Event Notices: standard and late. A standard Temporary Event Notice can be given no later than 10 working days before the event. A late Temporary Event Notice can be given no later than 5 working days before the event, excluding the day the notice is received and the first day of the event.

    The number of notices that can be given by a personal licence holder is limited to 50 standard Temporary Event Notices or 10 late Temporary Event Notices. For any other person, it is limited to 5 standard Temporary Event Notices or 2 late Temporary Event Notices. Any notices received after that period will not be valid and any licensable activities carried on would be unlawful.

    Section 193 of the Act defines "working day" as any day other than a Saturday, a Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday, or a day which is a bank holiday under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 in England and Wales.

    If posting your application, please ensure that you attach enough postage to the envelope. Some letters are held by the post office for unpaid deficient postage and may be delivered too late for the TEN to be valid. An A4 envelope is classed as a Large Letter and should carry the appropriate postage.

    If the notice is submitted by post, it must be sent to the following address, accompanied by a fee of £21. All cheques must be made payable to Winchester City Council, or online payment can be made here under 'Miscellaneous Payments'.

    Licensing Department
    Winchester City Council
    City Offices
    Colebrook Street
    SO23 9LJ

    One copy must be sent to the Environmental Health Department at:

    Environmental Protection
    Winchester City Council
    City Offices
    Colebrook Street
    SO23 9LJ

    One copy must be sent to the Police at:

    Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Officer
    Bishops Waltham Police Station
    Hoe Road
    Bishops Waltham
    SO32 1DS

    Please note, applications made online do not require a copy of the application to be sent to the Police and Environmental Health. This will be forwarded by the Licensing department once it is received.