Completed Schemes

Winchester City Council has built more than 150 new homes since the establishment of its New Homes Programme in 2012. This includes the flagship Chesil Lodge Extra Care Scheme of 52 homes in central Winchester.

Chesil Lodge featured on BBC Politics South

Below are details of all schemes completed by Winchester City Council since the establishment of its New Homes Programme in 2012.

  • Mayles Lane, Knowle
    Mayles Lane - Feb 2019
    Totsome Cottages - February 2019

    The Council purchased three sites near to Mayles Lane, Knowle, to provide new affordable homes.  Please click here to view CAB2851 (Authorisation to Progress Affordable Housing Scheme:

    Mayles Lane, Knowle).

    A consultation event on the proposed plans for the three sites was held on Thursday 8 September 2016 at Knowle Village Hall. The boards displayed at the event and a summary of the feedback can be viewed in the ‘Documents’ section on the right hand side of the page.

    Planning consent for the three sites was granted in 2017:

    • 5 two-storey dwellings at Dean Copse Cottages (formerly Park Cottages) 17/00958/FUL (consent granted 5 June 2017)
    • 2 two-storey dwellings at Totsome Cottages (formerly Dean Villas) 17/00957/FUL (consent granted 5 June 2017)
    • A block of 6 flats at Knowle Halt Lodge (south of Knowle Village Business Park) 17/00959/FUL (consent granted 9 November 2017).

    The Council's Cabinet (Housing) Committee in March 2018 appointed FE Chase & Son Ltd as contractor and work started on-site in August 2018.

    The 5 homes at Dean Copse Cottages are fully occupied and both at Totsome Cottages are sold.  Knowle Halt Lodge is expected to complete late in 2019



  • Victoria Court, Winchester

    This scheme was enabled by the demolition of Victoria House, a former block of sheltered housing units. Eighteen new downsizer flats provide a mix of one and two bedroom accommodation at affordable rents, with a further 9x two bedroom shared ownership flats in a separate block. There are also underground parking facilities.

    The archaeological investigation of the site found a number of graves from the Roman period, some containing skeletons, but no grave goods. All remains were removed from the site for further investigation.

    Work started on the site in April 2016 and the first residents moved in during December 2018. 

  • Bailey Close, Stanmore

    This scheme consists of 5x one bedroom flats on a under used Council-owned garage site.  The development potential of the site was first identified as part of the Stanmore Planning Framework in 2013.  Construction started in mid March 2017 and completed in November 2018.

    News release - offiicial opening of Bailey Close scheme

  • Ashburton Road, New Alresford

    This scheme at a former garage site comprises of 6x one bedroom flats and 2x two bedroom semi-detached homes. The scheme also includes the construction of 1x two bedroom bungalow on land to the side of 22a Mitford Road. The scheme included the re-configuration of the road layout to create a two-way road and improvments to the central grassed area to create an attractive, safe and usable public open space.

    The demolition of the Mitford Road garage court took take place during the week of 20 February 2017. Contractors FE Chase commenced construction work in March 2017 and completed in August 2018.

  • Chesil Lodge, Winchester

    Chesil Lodge is built on the site of a former car park.

    It is an exciting and innovative development of 52 homes for people aged 55 and over with an existing or potential care need.  It is located on Chesil Street close to the heart of Winchester and features 44 one and two bedroom self-contained apartments for affordable rent, with six homes available for shared ownership and two outright sale apartments.

    Communal facilities include a lounge area, restaurant, laundry and outside areas. A day care facility is managed on site by Hampshire County Council. The majority of the flats are for rent from the Council, with some shared ownership and open market flats also on part of the scheme.

    Construction was undertaken by Galliford Try, starting on site on 11 April 2016 with handover of the scheme during June 2018 and the first occupants moved in later that month.


    Inside Housing Awards 2018



    The scheme was a finalist in the Inside Housing Development Awards 2018 for best older people’s housing development (under 70 homes).


  • Hillier Way, Abbotts Barton

    This site was one of a number identified in the Abbotts Barton Planning Framework and is the first to be developed.

    The development comprises of:

    • 3x three bedroom houses
    • 3x two bedroom houses
    • 3x two bedroom duplex houses
    • 4x one bedroom apartments

    HH Drews were appointed as the principal contractor for the building work and they took possession of the site in June 2016 with work commencing on site in September 2016. The new homes were handed to the Council and new tenants moved in during December 2017.

    To help mitigate for the visual loss of open space at Hillier Way, a financial contribution was made to improve open space provision in Abbotts Barton.  A previously inaccessible piece of land was turned into public open space, now known as Hilliers Haven.  Improvements were made to existing open spaces, including new and improved pathways and a new trim trail.

    News release - Official opening of Hillier Way scheme

  • Symonds Close, Weeke

    The site for this project used to be a garage court and an area of underused informal open space land on Westman Road, accessed between numbers 4 and 6 Westman Road.

    The scheme provides 12 council homes with a mix of family houses and homes for downsizers. The scheme comprises, for families: 1x four bedroom house, 6x three bedroom houses and for downsizers: 3x two bedroom houses and 2x two bedroom bungalows. Both the family and the downsizing units incorporate flexible arrangements for living spaces and bedrooms, and all the dwellings meet ‘Lifetime Homes’ standards.

    The Council appointed FE Chase as the main contractor and the scheme was designed by T2 Architects. The project started on site in May 2015 and was completed in June 2016, with half of the homes prioritised for people with a local connection to Weeke.

    To help mitigate for the loss of the open space at Westman Road, the housing project made a financial contribution to be spent on open spaces in Weeke, in consultation with the local community. The open space improvements include provision of seating and an outside gym at Dean Park and a trim trail at St Mathews Field.

    Inside Housing finalist 2016


    The scheme was a finalist in the Inside Housing Development Awards 2016 and won the Residential Quality Place Award in the 2016 Solent Design Awards.


  • Kiln Cottages, Springvale, Swanmore

    Mapledean started on site in late summer 2015 to build 2x three bedroom homes for affordable rent for Winchester City Council. The houses were built on a brownfield site of redundant garden land in Spring Vale, Swanmore and built to ‘Lifetime Homes’ standard, which means the homes can support the changing needs of families through flexible design which allows for future adaptations. They are adjacent to the village hall and very close to the recreation ground and other local amenities.

    These homes, known as Kiln Cottages, were completed at the end of March 2016.

  • New Queens Gate, Stanmore

    The redevelopment of the former New Queens Head pub in Stanmore was one of the key priorities in the New Homes Programme. The 21 new council dwellings comprise the following, with associated parking and landscaping:

    • 1x one bedroom bungalow
    • 6x one bedroom flats
    • 9x two bedroom houses
    • 5x three bedroom houses

    The homes are designed to meet ‘Lifetime Homes’ criteria with flexible accommodation that will meet residents’ needs without significant adaption.

    Drew Smith were appointed as the main contractor and started on site in January 2015. The first houses were completed in December 2015 with the remainder completed in February 2016.  All the homes are for affordable rent, with half prioritised for people with a local connection to Stanmore.

    In addition to the new council housing, improvements were made to the pedestrian access from Stanmore Lane to Stanmore Recreation Ground and the Carroll Centre.

    A community arts project titled “A postcard for Stanmore” took place through the summer of 2014 designed to brighten up the site hoardings with six large postcards plotting the history of Stanmore. 350 local people took part by sharing their memories and photos. The postcards were officially unveiled by The Mayor of Winchester on 15 October 2014.

  • Station Close, Itchen Abbas

    The site at Station Close in Itchen Abbas consisted of a block of 9 council garages, and a former sewage pumping station.

    Planning Permission was granted in December 2012 to build 3x three bed houses, and 2x two bed houses for rent with associated communal parking. 

    FE Chase took possession of the site in July 2013 and the houses were completed and handed over to the Council on 12 July 2014.

  • Bourne Close, Otterbourne

    Planning Permission was granted in November 2012 for 3x three bedroom houses for rent to be built in place of the Council-owned garages on the site. Two parking spaces are provided per house, with 4 additional communal spaces .

    FE Chase took possession of the site in July 2013 and the new homes were handed over to the Council on 12 August 2014.

  • Barron Close, Micheldever

    Winchester Housing Trust, Winchester City Council and Micheldever Parish Council worked in partnership to deliver a 15-unit affordable housing project on a rural exception site in Micheldever.

    The development was named Barron Close after Brian Barron who was responsible for the running of Winchester Housing Trust for 20 years and worked closely with the Micheldever community. Mr Barron sadly passed away in December 2012 shortly after opening the site for construction.

    Seven houses and one flat were sold to local people on a shared ownership basis. Owners have an opportunity to buy a 60% share, with the majority of shared ownership buyers have a lifelong connection to Micheldever.

    The other seven units are provided as rented accommodation and have been let to people with a strong local connection. Winchester City Council acquired five of the affordable rented units as part of its New Homes Delivery Programme. These properties were the first delivered under the Council’s new programme.

    The site was opened officially on 28 February 2014 by the Right Worshipful, the Mayor of Winchester, Cllr Ernie Jeffs, and MP Steve Brine. Chris Payne, Commercial Director of Drew Smith, formally handed over the keys to the site to Leanne Smith of Winchester Housing Trust.

  • Milford House, Winchester

    Property acquired in 2016 to provide 34 units of temporary accommodation.

  • Other acquisitions and conversions
    • Acquisition of a 2-bed flat at St Catherine's Road, Highcliffe.
    • Acquisition of a 3-bed house at Wykeham Place, Stanmore.
    • Acquisition of a 2-bed house at Battery Hill, Stanmore.
    • Acquisition of the former Police House, Twyford in June 2014 and conversion to a 3-bed house and 1-bed flat.
    • Conversion of the old Post Office in Attwoods Drove, Compton in September 2012 to two 2-bed flats.
    • Conversion of the former common room at Lisle Court, Stanmore in July 2015 to a 2-bed disabled access flat.
    • Conversion of the former scheme manager accommodation at White Wings, Denmead in December 2015 to a 1-bed flat.
    • Conversion of dilapidated coach house / outbuilding at Eastacre, Weeke in February 2016 to a 1-bed bungalow.
    • Conversion of the former common room at Upper Firmstone Road, Winnall in May 2016 to a 2-bed disabled access flat.
    • Conversion of the former common room at Airlie Corner, Stanmore in June 2016 to a 1-bed adapted flat.
    • Conversion of the former GP surgery in Pound Road, Kingsworthy in June 2017 to a 2-bed ground floor flat.
    • Conversion of the former common room at Colson Close, Winchester in June 2017 to a 2-bed flat.
    • Conversion of the former common room at Harwood Place, Kings Worthy in June 2017 to a 3-bed disabled access flat.


  • Victoria Court, Winchester
  • Victoria Court, Winchester
  • Bailey Close, Stanmore
  • Ashburton Road, New Alresford
  • Ashburton Road, New Alresford
  • Chesil Lodge, Winchester
  • Chesil Lodge, Winchester
  • Chesil Lodge, Winchester
  • Chesil Lodge, Winchester
  • Hillier Way, Abbotts Barton
  • Hillier Way, Abbotts Barton
  • Symonds Close, Weeke
  • Symonds Close, Weeke
  • Kiln Cottages, Swanmore
  • New Queens Gate, Stanmore
  • Station Close, Itchen Abbas
  • Station Close, Itchen Abbas
  • Bourne Close, Otterbourne
  • Barron Close, Micheldever