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Tenants Satisfaction Survey

Tenants Satisfaction Survey – March and April 2019

We use this survey to find out what service improvements are important to tenants and compare our performance against other organisations. We are also interested to hear whether tenants think we have made any improvements since the last survey and which areas need attention in the future.

The City Council carries out this survey every 2 years. The most recent survey was March and April 2019. M-E-L Research Ltd was appointed to carry out the survey on its behalf. A random sample of general needs tenants (approximately 33%) and all sheltered tenants were sent questionnaires.

The Housing Service talk through the results with TACT and Councillors and agree actions to tackle those areas highlighted as being in need of improvement. Progress is reported back in future editions of the tenants’ newsletter on actions being taken to improve satisfaction with these service areas.

The report of the 2019 STAR survey can be found in the column to the right of this page.

Further information about improving services, getting involved and prize draw Terms & Conditions can be found on the Tenant Invovement pages of the website. 

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