Keeping your energy bills down

Save money and help reduce climate change with these useful information leaflets.

  • Top Tips - The average UK home could save £280 and 1.1 tonnes of CO2 by being more energy efficient. Everyone has their favourite top tip for making savings, here are some of ours...
  • A Bit of Hot Water - heating the hot water in your home will, on average, account for 23% of your heating bill, around £160 a year.
  • A Changing Climate - what is climate change and what does it mean in Hampshire.
  • Electricity - Even the small things add up, by making lots of small changes you could shave hundreds of pounds off your electricity bills. Just to light a home in the UK costs an average of £85 per year.
  • Feeling the Heat - Understanding how your home is heated will help you reduce the amount of energy you use in your home.
  • Heating your Home with Electricity - Many UK homes are heated with electric storage heaters. They are designed to heat up over night and release the heat gradually during the day.
  • Insulating and Draft Proofing Your Home - Warm air in a room cools quickly when it hits cold walls or windows. Insulation and draught proofing are great ways to save money on your heating bills!
  • Renewable Energy Choices for the Home - Reducing your dependency on fossil fuels in your home is good for the environment and saves you money. Here are some of the options available to you.
  • Transport and Travel - Reducing your weekly car mileage by 5 miles a week could save you £40 and 85kg CO2 per year. If everyone in the UK did this, we would save £1.1 billion and 3 million tonnes of CO2.
  • Water - Each Briton uses about 150 litres of tap water a day, but if you include the amount of water embedded within products, our water consumption increases to about 3400 litres a day.
  • What a Waste - Current landfill sites could be full by 2018, the solution should not be to simply find more sites.
  • Solent Green Deals-  Solent Green Deal is a consortium of local authorities in Hampshire offering impartial advice and information to Hampshire residents, landlords and tradespeople.