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Economic Development

Green Economic Development Strategy (GEDS)

The Green Economic Development Strategy (GEDS) sets out the direction for the next ten years to bring green economic growth and transition to net zero carbon. The strategy, which is accessible to download to the right of this webpage, outlines why now is the right time, outcomes and scenarios, proposed actions, and our approach.

What is the aim of GEDS?

It aims to make sure Winchester district benefits from the new jobs, goods, and services the whole of the UK will need in the next decade. As a next generation strategy the GEDS is also designed to deliver wellbeing, reduce inequalities, develop resilience, and enable the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Winchester District faces similar global and national challenges to many parts of the country – climate change and decarbonisation, post-COVID recovery, digitalisation, and growing inequalities in a rapidly aging society. The GEDS outlines how these can be addressed and make the most of the opportunities for green growth in a way distinctive to Winchester District.

How will GEDS be carried out?

Delivery of the strategy will be managed through a number of time bound action plans. An initial two year action plan is currently being developed in collaboration with stakeholders and businesses from across the district.  A steering group of stakeholders and representative organisations has been formed which will help formulate these priority actions. Once agreed action groups comprising of businesses, stakeholders and council officers will be formed and who will be responsible for developing and implementing the action plan.

If you wish to get involved in one of the action groups, or have your say on what you think the priorities are for the next two years, you can:

If you would like to know more please contact



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