Tenants Satisfaction Survey

In February 2013 the City Council carried out a satisfaction survey of council tenants. M-E-L Research Ltd was appointed to carry out the survey on the council’s behalf. A random sample of general needs tenants (approximately 50%) and all sheltered tenants were sent questionnaires. 1600 tenants returned completed surveys; an overall response rate of 63% (47% of general needs households and 67% of sheltered households).

The results tell us that satisfaction levels for the overall housing service Winchester City Council provides remains high with 87% of all tenants satisfied.

Tenants told us that the areas that need improving are:

  • Estate Services – grounds maintenance, cleaning, estate walkabouts
  • Responding to complaints of Anti Social Behaviour
  • Service Charges providing value for money

The Housing Service will talk these through with TACT and Councillors and will report back in future editions of On the House on actions being taken to improve satisfaction with these service areas.

We also use this survey to compare our performance against other organisations and we perform well in terms of quality of home and repairs and maintenance an important service area for tenants.