Syringe Disposal

Winchester City Council strives to protect the members of the community from health and safety hazards such as discarded syringes and hypodermic needles. Under no circumstances should such items should be removed by members of the public.

The City Council have  officers trained to dispose of needles and syringes both swiftly and safely from areas such as playgrounds, council estates and parks. Any needles are found on educational premises during working hours should be reported to the premises directly where staff on site are trained to deal with the situation.

  • If you see a syringe or needle;
    • Do not attempt to touch it or pick it up yourself.
    • Ensure that children are kept away from the item, covering it if necessary.
    • Contact Winchester City Council on 0300 300 0013. Trained Winchester City Council Health and Safety officers will remove the items.
  • In the unlikely event of anyone being harmed by a needle or syringe;
    • Do not panic, the risk of infection and disease is very low.
    • Do not place the affected area in your mouth or attempt to suck the wound.
    • Encourage the injury to bleed for at least two minutes.
    • Wash the injured area with running tap water and, if possible, soap.
    • After two minutes try to stop the bleeding by applying light pressure and a clean dressing.
    • Seek medical advice from a doctor or hospital emergency department as soon as possible.
    • Make arrangements to retain the syringe for your doctor/hospital emergency department.

    For further information phone the NHS DIRECT 24 hour health helpline on 0845 46 47.

  • Drug Counselling;

    There are a number of organizations within the Winchester district and within the County that offer information, counselling and/or treatment with substance abuse problems, these include;

    Winchester Remix;

    Offering information, advocacy and counselling for young people aged between 12 and 18.
    Telephone 01962 868 852.

    Winchester Youth Counselling;

    For young people within the Winchester District aged between 14 and 25 offering a member of staff specifically for substance misuse counselling.
    Telephone 01962 820 444

    The Dale Trust;

    Predominantly for adults in the Andover area, the Dale Trust offers a needle exchange and Drug and Alcohol information and support.
    Telephone 01264 355 555.

    Community Drugs and Alcohol Advisory Service;

    For adults in the Winchester, Eastleigh, Andover and Romsey offering treatment for drug and Alcohol dependency.
    Telephone 01962 825 071.

    Trinity Centre;

    For adults in the Winchester district offering a drop in for vulnerable people and a needle exchange.
    Telephone 01962 622 220.


    For adults in the Winchester district offering Drug information, treatment and support.
    Telephone 01962 866 888.