Garden Waste Collection

New Garden Waste Collection Service - coming soon!

We are moving to a new garden waste collection service, starting on 1 February 2021 (until 29 January, garden waste collections and the green bag system will operate as normal). Residents will have the option to purchase a new garden waste bin at an annual fee. 

After the new service is introduced, waste will only be collected from those that subscribe to take part, and pay the annual fee for the collection. The collection day for garden waste bins will not change and will continue as detailed on your collection calendar from 1 February, but only households who subscribe will receive the service.

The service will give significant increase in capacity over the current bags, and mean that the waste is easier and safer to move, will not be blown away and lost, as is common with the bag system, and keeps the green waste material dry. Compost will continue to be processed in the same way as present, being turned into PRO GROW organic soil conditioner which is for sale on line, or at HWRCs.

Please find the answers to some frequently asked questions below:

  • When can I sign up? 

    The sign up is due to go live in October, and bin delivery will commence in January.

    Please check our website for more details. If you are interested in being told when sign up commences, you can email:

  • What is the cost for the new service?

    The annual fee is:

    • £59 for a standard size bin
    • £39 for a smaller bin

    Unlike many local authorities that run this type of scheme, we are not asking for you to purchase the bin, this is included in the annual cost. 

    Once you have subscribed to receive the service, you will be delivered a brown wheeled bin.

  • How do I pay?

    You will be able to pay online or via direct debit. There will be detailed terms of conditions available to view as part of the sign up.

    Phased payments, part payments or discounts are not available.

  • Can I continue with my garden waste bag?

    No. However, if you have a council approved bag system for your current residual waste or recycling service because of accessibility issues, or the type of house frontage that you have, you will be able to continue with a bag system, but you will have to pay for the collection - £39 for up to two bags (equivalent to smaller bin), and £59 for up to three bags (equivalent to standard bin).

    There are some council approved locations where for operational reasons there is not room for an additional bin, which will continue to operate with a bag collection, but on the same charged for basis as above.

    You are able to share the bins with a neighbour if you want to reduce your individual cost, but we will need a single point of contact from whichever is the lead neighbour.

    Christmas trees will continue to be collected from all properties in the weeks after Christmas as detailed on your calendar.

    If you currently receive an assisted collection and sign up to the new service, you will continue to receive an assisted collection.

  • Can I keep my existing bag?

    Yes – we will not be collecting the current bags. You can keep your existing bag to move material around your garden, but collection will only be made from the new bins, unless you are from a (council approved) property which is not able to receive one.

  • Where else can I take my waste?

    You are able to take your garden waste free of charge to the Household Waste Recycling Centres, or you can compost it at home.

    If garden waste is added to residual waste bins, these will not be collected.


Service status updates

We’re working hard to minimise disruption to regular waste collections. There are some changes that we need your help and support with.

  • Extra waste bags

    Biffa teams cannot collect extra waste or recycling left alongside your bin at this time. 

    We want to take care of our crews so they can continue to work for as long as possible and we want to avoid them coming into direct contact with waste.

    If you have extra garden waste, please bag it up securely and store it.

    Please put it in your bin for the next scheduled collection.

Current service information (Until February 2021)

Your garden waste will be collected on the same day as your REFUSE.

  • What CAN go in the sack
    • Grass cuttings
    • Hedge cuttings
    • Weeds
    • Small branches
    • Leaves (small amounts)
    • Prunings

    Max. weight: 15kg 

    All garden waste collected goes to a composting site in Hampshire and is made into organic soil conditioner, widely used in local parks and formal gardens. You should try to compost as much of your garden and kitchen waste as possible, as this is better for the environment and saves on fuel and transportation costs.

  • What CAN NOT go in the sack
    • Soil/concrete/rubble
    • Vegetable peelings
    • Food scraps
    • Coal ash
    • Animal waste
    • Commercial waste
    • General household waste
  • Additional sacks

    If you wish to have extra garden waste collected you can purchase additional garden waste sacks. These additional sacks will be emptied fortnightly with your free garden waste sack as supplied by Winchester City Council.

    • You can order new or replacement garden waste bags through our online service.
    • If you require additional sacks please call the Council's on 0300 300 0013 or use our online service - the current price for one additional sack is £25 or for two sacks £75.

    Please be aware that we are moving to new garden waste collection service from 1 February 2021. This service does involve a charge for those who opt-in and if you are buying a second or third garden waste bag at this time there is no refund.

  • Composters and Water Butts

    All Winchester residents can get special offers on Composters and Water Butts.