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The Local Government Transparency Code 2014 requires authorities to publish details of invitations to tender for contracts to provide goods, works and services in accordance with our own Contract Procedure Rules. Data is also published for all purchase orders raised by the Council with a value over £5,000 which will be updated quarterly and available as a download further down the page. More details on what opportunities we publish can be found below.

Further Information on Publication

The Council publishes some invitations to tender and contracts awarded with a value of over £100,000 via an electronic tendering tool (Complete Tender Management system or CTM) to manage some procurements, details of current opportunities and registration can be found on this link:

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, any tenders that fall under the control of the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015 will be posted directly via the Council’s portal mentioned above to the new e-notification service called Find a Tender This is the UK’s replacement service for public sector procurement notices, previously posted via TED.

Details on contracts awarded by the Council can also be found on here: (Contracts Register) and Contracts Finder, the UK government site.

For more information on procurement in general and working with the Council, please see Supplier's Guide to working with the Council and other pages with other useful information.

Orders over £5,000 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Document
2017-18 Q1 xls (xls, 66kb) csv (csv, 45kb) pdf (pdf, 16kb)
2017-18 Q2 xls (xls, 65kb) csv (csv, 43kb) pdf (pdf, 44kb)
2017-18 Q3 xls (xls, 69kb) csv (csv, 46kb) pdf (pdf, 37kb)
2017-18 Q4 xls (xls, 74kb) csv (csv, 53kb) pdf (pdf, 44kb)
2018-19 Q1 xls (xls, 65kb) csv (csv, 45kb) pdf (pdf, 38kb)
2018-19 Q2 xls (xls, 63kb) csv (csv, 45kb) pdf (pdf, 34kb)
2018-19 Q3 xls (xls, 64kb) csv (csv, 47kb) pdf (pdf, 35kb)
2018-19 Q4 xls (xls, 68kb) csv (csv, 52kb) pdf (pdf, 34kb)
2019-20 Q1 xls (xls, 65kb) csv (csv, 49kb) pdf (pdf, 39kb)
2019-20 Q2 xls (xls, 66kb) csv (csv, 54kb) pdf (pdf, 41kb)
2019-20 Q3 xls (xls, 62kb) csv (csv, 45kb) pdf (pdf, 36kb)
2019-20 Q4 xls (xls, 67kb) csv (csv, 46kb) pdf (pdf, 37kb)
2020-21 Q1 xls (xls, 66kb) csv (csv, 43kb) pdf (pdf, 35kb)
2020-21 Q2 xls (xls, 62kb) csv (csv, 40kb) pdf (pdf, 32kb)
2020-21 Q3 xls (xls, 64kb) csv (csv, 28kb) pdf (pdf, 35kb)
2020-21 Q4 xls (xls, 68kb) csv (csv, 33kb) pdf (pdf, 40kb)
2021-22 Q1 xls (xls, 71kb) csv (csv, 34kb) pdf (pdf, 40kb)
2021-22 Q2 xls (xls, 66kb) csv (csv, 30kb) pdf (pdf, 36kb)
2021-22 Q3 xls (xls, 69kb) csv (csv, 33kb) pdf (pdf, 39kb)
2021-22 Q4 xls (xls, 72kb) csv (csv, 36kb) pdf (pdf, 41kb)
2022-23 Q1 xls (xls, 70kb) csv (csv, 248kb) pdf (pdf, 40kb)
2022-23 Q2 xls (xls, 68kb) csv (csv, 31kb) pdf (pdf, 38kb)
2022-23 Q3 xls (xls, 66kb) csv (csv, 32kb) pdf (pdf, 41kb)
2022-23 Q4 xls (xls, 115kb) csv (csv, 35kb) pdf (pdf, 219kb)
2023-24 Q1 xls (xls, 75kb) csv (csv, 37kb) pdf (pdf, 39kb)
2023-24 Q2 xls (xls, 104kb) csv (csv, 23kb) pdf (pdf, 207kb)
2023-24 Q3 xls (xls, 108kb) csv (csv, 29kb) pdf (pdf, 214kb)
2023-24 Q4 xls (xls, 115kb) csv (csv, 36kb) pdf (pdf, 220kb)


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