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Temporary road closure for events

This webpage is for applications to close roads to enable special events such as street parties, playing out sessions, parades etc. be held. For temporary road closures applications for roadworks/ utility companies please email Hampshire County Council on

Please apply as early as possible, we need at least 12 weeks to ensure we can process applications in time, this also allows you more time to plan well for a successful event! Although we ask for a minimum of 12 weeks we are happy to accept applications before this date.

Please note, in order to consider any proposed road closures, we will require information on how the traffic will be managed (a Traffic Mangement plan). Please read the information in the 'Application Information' section below, or in the Event Road Closure Application Guidance on the right-hand side of the page for more details on the requirements. Unfortunately, if the information provided is is not clear, we will query it and it will delay processing of your application. Don't worry, the amount of information is proportionate to the scale of the event, so a large event requires a lot more detail than a street party in a cul-de-sac.

Before applying please do also look at the links to other useful information on planning and organising small community events in the 'Other Websites' section opposite.

If you have any queries regarding your event road closure application please email


Have a great party! 

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