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Premises Licences

Premises Licences

Where an individual or company uses premises, or causes or permits premises to be used to offer gambling, a premises licence is required under the Gambling Act 2005.

A premises licence can authorise the provision of facilities on:

a) Casino premises

b) Bingo premises

c) Betting premises, including tracks and premises used by betting intermediaries

d) Adult gaming centre (ACG) premises (for category B3, B4, C and D machines)

e) family entertainment centre (FEC) premises (for category C and D machines). The licensing authority may also issue a FEC machine permit, which authorises the use of category D machines only.

By distinguishing between premises types, the Act makes it clear that the gambling activity of the premises should be linked to the premises described. Thus, in a bingo premises, the gambling activity should be bingo, with gaming machines as an ancillary offer on the premises.

Subject to the gaming machine entitlements which various types of licence bring with them (except in the case of tracks), the Act does not permit premises to be licensed for more than one of the above activities.


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