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Non-Designated Heritage Assets and Locally Listed Heritage Assets

Non-Designated Heritage Assets and Locally Listed Heritage Assets

Highlighted in the National Planning Policy Framework, Non-Designated Heritage Assets are singular buildings, structures and monuments or landscapes that are believed to have a degree of heritage significance, but are not otherwise protected by statutory listing, or as a Scheduled Monument. These assets are nonetheless important buildings with historic significance, which can positively influence the character of the local area.

Local Listing is a mechanism to recognise Non-Designated Heritage Hssets in a more formal manner. The adoption of an item onto a Local List can allow the significance of any building or structure to be valued and taken into account as a material consideration within planning applications that may affect the area or the surrounding environment.

No Local List is ever 100% accurate or complete, so exclusion from a local list does not mean that a building or place is not a Non-Designated Heritage Asset. Some Non-Designated Heritage Assets may be locally listed, but all Locally Listed Heritage Assets will be Non-Designated Heritage Assets.

Whilst Winchester City Council does not presently have its own Local List, the criteria for selection are in place and can be viewed below. However, the designation of sites for the Winchester City Council Locally Listed Heritage Assets will exclude the South Downs National Park, which is currently devising its own list, the criteria for which can be viewed on the side of this page.

Part of the Winchester Future 50 Conservation Area Project included identifying non-designated heritage assets within the Walled Town and St. Giles Hill Character Areas of the Winchester City Conservation Area.

If you have any specific questions, please submit a pre-application enquiry: Historic Building Advice - Winchester City Council.


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