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Listed Buildings

Listed Buildings

Owning a Listed Building comes with special responsibilities to care for and preserve its special interest and significance, however this does not necessarily mean change is not possible.

Listed Building Consent will be required for any work which might affect the historic or architectural interest of your building. Further information can be found through the following links below.

Under Section 9 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 it is a criminal offence to demolish a listed building, or to alter or extend it in any way which would affect its character, unless you have first received Listed Building Consent. Penalties for carrying out alterations illegally can be severe.

For information regarding suspected breeches of Listed Buildng Consent please refer to the Planning Enforcements website

Historic England annually compiles a Heritage at Risk Register. This includes buildings and conservation areas deemed to be the most at risk and in need of safeguarding for the future. 

For more information regarding the Heritage at Risk Register and to search the register, please refer to the links below:

For Information regarding the Pre-Application advice, please refer to the guidance available from the Winchester City Council Planning Department.

Application process for Listed Building Consent please visit the guidance provided by the Planning Portal

In some cases, the consent of buildings regulations is also necessary. Please refer to the advice on the buildings regulations page or contact Building Control.

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