Pre-Application Advice

  • Planning enquiries service 

    Pre-application advice relates to enquiries regarding the acceptability of development proposals, comment on layout and design and the interpretation of planning policy. Winchester City Council adopted a policy of charging for pre-planning application advice in October 2008.

    Pre-application advice is provided in two forms, and comprises either written comments offered by the Council on a proposal for a specific site (Full submission), or alternatively consists of a meeting between a planning officer and applicant/agent where the general principles of developing a site are discussed without commenting on detailed proposals (Development in Principle submission (DIP)). The level of charges will relate to the scale of the development proposal, and the type of submission chosen.

    Please note - no charge is made for advice given on householder proposals such as domestic extensions and ancillary domestic buildings.

  • How to apply
    • If you would like to apply for pre-application advice you must complete the Application Form for Pre-Application Advice - available to download on this page
    • and provide the relevant information as detailed for each type of submission.
  • South Downs National Park Pre-Applications

    There is one level of service across the National Park and will be free for householder and residential Do I Need Planning Permission enquiries. There will, however, be a fee for advice regarding new dwellings or larger development.

    The provision of the majority of pre-application advice within the parts of Winchester District in the South Downs National Park will be provided directly by Officers of Winchester City Council.

    The pre-application service requires a pro-forma to be completed depending on the development type proposed. Once completed the pro-forma and fee payable, if required, should be submitted to Winchester City Council at City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9BL. Please note that cheques should be made payable to ‘South Downs National Park Authority’.

    The relevant pro-formas can be accessed via the links below:

    Do I Need Planning Permission
    Householder Pre-app
    Other Development

    Further information regarding the pre-application service, how the service will be provided, what developments may not require planning permission and details relating to how to pay for pre-application advice please visit the South Downs National Park website:
    Permitted Development Enquiries (Do I Need Planning Permission?)

  • Alternative options for seeking advice