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Buildings of Faith

Buildings of Faith of all dominations present strong links to the local community and often display a high degree of architectural and historic interest. This combines to increase the richness and special interest of the Winchester district by connecting the past and present.

Most are Christian churches or chapels but there is also a rich heritage of meeting houses, synagogues, temples and mosques, plus an increasing number of secular buildings now being used by faith groups, such as former schools and cinemas If they are open for public worship six times a year then they all count as places of worship.

A significant part of the Winchester Future 50 Conservation Area Project involved gathering an inventory list, photographs and a condition report of the Buildings of Faith including their setting within two of the character areas within the pilot project; St Giles and the Walled Town. The recorded data and information can be seen through the new Winchester Future 50 Conservation Area Project GIS layer. Further information into the project and the outcomes can also be accessed through Winchester Future 50 page

For general advice and enquires concerning the condition information surrounding the various Buildings of Faith within the district, please contact the relevant denominations of the local dioceses via the links below:



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