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Deaths, Funerals and Burials

All Funeral Directors and families arranging a burial, please continue to email all interment forms and burial/cremation certificates to   and when you arrive at the Cemetery, place the originals in the post box at the Lodge. Payments are only BACS or credit cards, if you do not have an account with us.

For families arranging a cremation burial, if you are unable to email us, please do send the forms by post and make payment over the phone or by BACS.

Please  note: We require all paperwork and payment of fees a minimum of four working days before the burial date. We only accepted emailed forms and payments by credit/debit card or BACS.

All Public Health Funeral enquiries should be directed to, or ring 01962 848188, with all other Burial enquiries please email, or call  01962 848316.


For further information or any queries regarding burials, (not Public Health Burials) please contact
Cemeteries Department on 01962 848316 Monday to Friday or Email

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