We work closely with the Environment Agency, Hampshire County Council and local communities. Following the severe floods in 2013/14, a number of engineering projects have been designed, approved and some already carried out to improve flood resilience in the District, though only some of the threat from flooding can be resolved by these sorts of works. However, it is also important that property-owners and businesses take action if you live in places that are at risk of flooding.

  • Advice
    • Check gullies, drains, ditches and water-courses that might cause you a problem

    • If there is something that may cause a problem, take action to fix it, or notify the owner that they need to do so

    • Make preparations to defend your property

    • Buy your own sand and bags, pumps or arrange the installation of other measures such as flood-boards

    • Make sure that you have insurance details and other essential paperwork up-to-date and stored safely

    • Sign up to the notification services offered by the Environment Agency for people in risk areas

    • Talk to neighbours about measures you might take together if there is a problem, and how you might help each other out

    • Make contact with the Flood Action Group where you live if there is one. Find out what their plans are and how you can help.


  • Sandbags

    The council has a limited stock of sandbags which would be prioritised to use to ensure the widest benefits for communities affected by serious flooding events, with the aim of reducing the risk of properties being flooded.

    We are not able to issue sandbags for general issue to individual homes and businesses. Property owners are responsible for protecting their premises and are advised to purchase their own supply. Sandbags can be obtained from DIY stores and builders’ merchants.

    The Environment Agency has produced guidance on the use of sandbags. 

  • Flood Recovery Grants for Business

    Business support scheme - a grant available to small and medium sized businesses which have suffered from the impact of flooding, direct or indirect, supporting the development and implementation of recovery plans. Details of the scheme can be seen below. 

    To find out more about the business support scheme call 01962 840 222 and ask for the Economy and Arts Team (either Kate Cloud, Alison Woods or Carol Hussey).  Please note that the council is still accepting applications for the business support grants.