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Processing and approval of applications related to fracking in the Winchester district is a matter for the two Minerals and Waste Authorities, Hampshire County Council and the South Downs National Park Authority.

Winchester City Council has no direct involvement in this process which is managed by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Minerals Authorities. DECC grants the licences to allow exploration but the operators must go through the Hampshire County Council or South Downs National Park Authority minerals and waste planning process for permission to conduct activities on site.

Other authorities involved in the process are the Environment Agency, which is responsible for protecting water resources, and the Heath and Safety Executive, which monitors site- and well-safety.

Winchester City Council expects to be a consultee on any applications to conduct activities on site within its geographical area. Each case will be considered as appropriate by Council, Cabinet or Planning Committee so that the Council can express a collective view. Individual councillors will represent their constituents and their own views on fracking as they think best.

The City Council aims to work with Hampshire County Council to ensure that communities are kept informed and given ample opportunity to discuss any proposals that are brought forward in their areas.

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