Contaminated Land

The cathedral town of Winchester is the former capital of England and has played an important part in the country’s history. In addition to this cultural heritage, the geological and hydrological characteristics of the district lend themselves for agricultural use, recreation and tourism as well as providing a significant groundwater resource. It is important these significant resources and the character of the district are protected.


Further Information

Please contact the Environmental Health Service on or telephone 01962 848097 if you wish to request historic land use information or require further information regarding the information included within a search.  A search request will need to specify the level of information required and acceptance of the associated fee, the full postal address of the site to which the enquiry relates and a map clearly identifying the site boundary.

Searches can also be carried out by one of several national organisations who also offer this service using information taken from national registers. They will also charge a fee. However, information about assessments or investigations carried out by this Directorate will only be available via us.