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Alcohol Control Zone (Formally known as the Alcohol Exclusion Zone)

In July 2005 the City Council successfully applied for a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO - locally called the Alcohol Exclusion Zone) to cover the City Centre area of Winchester. The application for the DPPO was applied for as a way of tackling the alcohol related problems being experienced by residents and visitors to the City by those who were consistently drunk in public places.

In September 2007, as a response to complaints received in relation to displacement issues, the City Council successfully applied for an extension of the zone to cover the whole of the Winchester City Area.

In accordance with the Government guidelines to encourage those in receipt of a DPPO to go out to review every two years, the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) undertook a review in July 2009. The results of the review were presented to the CSP in the form of report with recommendations for action. One of the key recommendations within the report was based around a misunderstanding in relation to drinking in public places e.g. is drinking allowed in the ‘alcohol exclusion zone’? The answer is yes on the proviso that those drinking alcohol are not causing alarm, harassment or distress to anyone around them. However because the confusion was largely due to the use of the word ‘exclusion’ the CSP decided to change the name of the Alcohol Exclusion Zone to Alcohol Control Zone. To be cost effective the CSP has agreed to change over the signage to the new version, as and when they need to be replaced.

Copies of the original map of the zone, extension of the zone, the Alcohol Research Report and the Review Report are available as downloadable documents from this page.

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