Residents Off-Street (Off-Peak) Car Park Season Ticket

This season ticket allows any resident who lives within Winchester's permit parking zones, to park in the selected car parks: early mornings, evenings and on Saturdays. This is available to residents whose property does not qualify for On-Street parking permits.

  • Who Can Apply?

    Resident's whose property is situated within any of Winchester's Permit Parking Zones.

    Car Parks Included

    • Cattle Market
    • Chesil Multi Storey 
    • St Peters and
    • Worthy Lane

    To apply download and complete the form on the right of this page.

  • Season Ticket Valid Times

    This Season Ticket is Valid for Parking at these time only
    Monday to Friday 8am to 9am
    Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm
    Saturday 8am to 6pm

    Any additional hours required which are not specified on the permit should be purchased as usual.


    £100.00 per year

  • Documents Required

    Two documents are required with your application, one to prove residency and one to prove vehicle ownership of the vehicle to be parked. See below for a list of documents we can accept as proof.

    Proof of Residency (one of):

    • Council Tax Demand (most recent)
    • Household utility bill - Water / Gas / Electric (issued within the last 3 months)
    • Signed formal tenancy agreement (if applying for permits at time of initial occupation of property)
    • A letter from an instructed Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer confirming completion of house purchase (if applying for permits at time of initial occupation of property)

    Proof of Vehicle Ownership (one of):

    • Vehicle Registration Document
    • Hiring/Leasing agreement
    • A recent letter from your employer (if the vehicle is a company car) confirming that the vehicle is owned/leased by the company and that you are the sole keeper and user
    • Insurance Certificate (current)
    • Garage bill of sale or insurance cover note (if you have purchased the vehicle within the last month)