Smart Cards

A pre-payment Smart Card is a card that holds credit for Winchester Park and Ride parking. The card is used to purchase the daily tickets for parking at any of Winchester's Park and Ride car parks as and when the card holder wishes to use the service. Please note that a Park and Ride Smart Card does not guarantee a parking space within any car park.

A Park and Ride Smart Card has no expiry date and will hold its credit until it is used in the parking machines, so is a good option for part-time or less frequent users. If you use the Park and Ride service on a full-time basis, a Park and Ride Season Ticket may be more suitable for you. For information about Park and Ride Season Tickets, please see our Park and Ride - Season Ticket webpage.

A pre-payment Smart Card can be purchased and credited with any amount between £25.00 and £300.00. Whatever sum is pre-paid by you will be credited to the card. With the pre-payment card, the user will benefit from a 10% discount per day, making the cost £2.70 per use with the pre-payment card instead of the daily cash payment of £3.00.

The card should be placed into the machine on each day of use to obtain the two tickets: one to place in the vehicle and one to hand to the bus service driver for free travel for you and your passengers on the bus. The machine will display the remaining balance of the card and the card may 'topped up' with credit by bringing it to the Parking Services counter at Winchester City Council whenever the user wishes to purchase more credit (minimum top up £25.00). The balance of credit on the card may not exceed £300.

To Apply for a Park and Ride Smart Card

To purchase a Park and Ride Smart Card, you can either download the application form and send this in with payment or call into the Parking Services counter at Winchester City Council.

The completed form can be posted with a cheque or postal order payment as directed on the form and the card will be posted to you following production.

If you call at the Parking Services counter at the City Offices, a Smart card can be issued to you whilst you wait. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, postal order or by credit/debit card.

Loss or Theft of Card

Any lost or stolen card must be reported to Parking Services as soon as the loss becomes known so that a stop can be put on the card to prevent any unauthorised use.

The fee for duplication of a Smart Card is £10. A stolen card may be duplicated free of charge if a valid police crime reference number is provided at the time of request for duplication. The issue of a duplicate Smart Card is at the discretion of Winchester City Council.

Further Information:
For further information please contact Parking Services at City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester.

Parking Services Counter Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 9.00am-4.00pm
Saturday and Sunday closed