Hire of St Maurice's Covert

St Maurice's Covert is the area between Greggs' the Bakers and Debenhams and is available for hire by charitable organisations only to be used for table top sales.

If you would like to check the availability of the Covert, please contact the Estates team using the details below. Alternatively, if you would like to see the bookings for the next three months, please see the list below. Dates can be provisionally booked for fourteen days only. If the application form and payment have not been received within those fourteen days the booking will be cancelled.

  • How to book
    • The charge for the hire of the Covert is £35 per booking. The fee is payable at the time of booking.
    • It is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5m and to produce proof of such Insurance to the Council if required.
    • No jumble sales, raffles or lotteries are permitted.
    • No Organisation is to have more than four bookings on Fridays or Saturdays a year and may in addition have no more than 6 bookings on other weekdays making a maximum of ten per year. However, organisations are very welcome to enquire about last minute availability.
    • The Covert must not be used for Trade or Commercial use.
    • One parking ticket will be issued per booking, if requested, for Colebrook Street Car Park.
    • Tables are not provided.

    Please send all applications to:

    Estates Department
    Winchester City Council
    Colebrook Street
    SO23 9LJ

    Please make all cheques payable to Winchester City Council.

    For further information please contact the Estates Department on 01962 848 134 or email sgoodwin@winchester.gov.uk

    The application form and conditions are on the right-hand-side.

  • COVERT BOOKINGS   - March, April and May 2018
    March Thursday 1st  
    2018 Friday 2nd  
      Saturday 3rd  
      Sunday 4th  
      Monday 5th  
      Tuesday 6th  
      Wednesday 7th  
      Thursday 8th  
      Friday 9th  
      Saturday 10th  
      Sunday 11th  
      Monday 12th  
      Tuesday 13th  
      Wednesday 14th  
      Thursday 15th  
      Friday 16th  
      Saturday 17th  
      Sunday 18th  
      Monday 19th  
      Tuesday 20th  
      Wednesday 21st  
      Thursday 22nd  
      Friday 23rd  
      Saturday 24th  
      Sunday 25th  
      Monday 26th  
      Tuesday 27th  
      Wednesday 28th Cats Protection Winchester
      Thursday 29th  
      Friday 30th GOOD FRIDAY
      Saturday 31st Friends of PICU
    April Sunday 1st  
    2018 Monday 2nd  
      Tuesday 3rd  
      Wednesday 4th  
      Thursday 5th  
      Friday 6th  
      Saturday 7th  
      Sunday 8th  
      Monday 9th  
      Tuesday 10th  
      Wednesday 11th  
      Thursday 12th Cat & Kitten Rescue 
      Friday 13th  
      Saturday 14th Trinity
      Sunday 15th SPANA
      Monday 16th  
      Tuesday 17th  
      Wednesday 18th  
      Thursday 19th  
      Friday 20th  
      Saturday 21st  
      Sunday 22nd  
      Monday 23rd  
      Tuesday 24th  
      Wednesday 25th  
      Thursday 26th  
      Friday 27th  
      Saturday 28th  
      Sunday 29th  
      Monday 30th  
    May Tuesday 1st  
    2018 Wednesday 2nd  
      Thursday 3rd  
      Friday 4th Winchester Musicals &  Opera Society
      Saturday 5th Trinity
      Sunday 6th  
      Monday 7th  
      Tuesday 8th  
      Wednesday 9th  
      Thursday 10th  
      Friday 11th  
      Saturday 12th Climb
      Sunday 13th  
      Monday 14th  
      Tuesday 15th  
      Wednesday 16th  
      Thursday 17th  
      Friday 18th  
      Saturday 19th Mayfest
      Sunday 20th SPANA
      Monday 21st Dementia Friendly Winchester
      Tuesday 22nd  
      Wednesday 23rd  
      Thursday 24th  
      Friday 25th  
      Saturday 26th  
      Sunday 27th  
      Monday 28th  
      Tuesday 29th  
      Wednesday 30th  
      Thursday 31st Cat & Kitten Rescue