Club Premises Certificates

  • Do I need a Club Premises Certificate?

    A Club Premises Certificate under the Licensing Act 2003 is required for any premises occupied by, and habitually used for the purposes of a club, where any of the following take place:

    • sale of alcohol by retail
    • regulated entertainment
    • the provision of hot food or hot drink between 23:00 and 05:00 on any day (late night refreshment)

    Regulated entertainment is defined as:

    • a performance of a play
    • an exhibition of a film
    • an indoor sporting event
    • a boxing or wrestling entertainment
    • a performance of live music
    • any playing of recorded music
    • a performance of dance
    • facilities for making music
    • facilities for dancing
    • anything similar to music or dancing

    If a club is not a qualifying club under the 2003 Act and undertakes "licensable activities" (defined in part 3 of the 2003 Act), an application for a new premises licence will be required - please see the Premises Licences link to the right and continue on to 'New' for more information.

    A Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) is not required for a Club Premises Certificate.

  • How to apply

    To apply for a new Club Premises Certificate you will need to complete the form below. Once completed, this form must be submitted to the Licensing Office and copies sent to all the Responsible Authorities (failure to do this will invalidate your application). The application must include a copy of the rules of the club and a plan of the premises to which the application relates. Specifications for the plan can be found in the application.

    The day after you submit your application you must display a pale blue notice (template available below) at the premises for a minimum of 28 days. If you cannot locate pale blue paper, please inform the office and a notice will be sent out to you.

    A public notice (template available below) must be placed in the local newspaper of where your premises is situated, within 10 working days of submitting your application.

  • Fees

    The fee for a Club Premises Certificate depends on the non-domestic rateable value for the premises. Below are the bands and fees. If your application is granted you will be required to pay an annual fee, which is payable on the anniversary of your licence being granted. The fee for this also depends on the non-domestic rateable value of your premises as set out below

  • Forms
    Band Non-domestic rateable value Fee Annual Fee
    A £0 - £4,300 £100 £70
    B £4,300 - £33,000 £190 £180
    C £33,001 - £87,000 £315 £295
    D £87,001 - £125,000 £450 £320
    E £125,001 and over £635 £350

    Application forms, notice templates and other documents are available on the right hand side. You can also apply online.

    Please make all cheques payable to Winchester City Council and forward your application form to:
    Licensing Section
    Winchester City Council
    City Offices
    Colebrook Street
    SO23 9LJ

    If you have any further queries, please contact the office on 01962 848 188 or email

    Application forms for the above are available to download on the right-hand-side. Please note that if you wish to fill the form in electronically, you can do this by downloading the Word documents. To fill the form in manually, please download the adobe versions on the right.