Riding Establishment Licence

  • Riding Establishments Acts 1964 and 1970

    The term 'riding establishment' refers to any business of keeping horses to let them out on hire for riding, or for use in providing instruction in riding for payment, or both. Premises where the horses are kept by the Secretary of Defence, Police, Zoological Society of London, or a university providing a veterinary course, are exempt. A report must be received from a listed veterinary surgeon or practitioner before a license can be issued.
    The Council must also consider the following matters:

    • Whether the applicant appears to be suitable and qualified (i.e. holder of an approved certificate, experienced in managing horses, etc).
    • That consideration will be given to the condition of the horses, that they will be maintained in good health and their feet properly looked after.
    • Adequate pasture, shelter, water, exercise, rest and grooming is provided.
    • The horses shall be suitable for the purposes for which they are kept.
    • Whether a current insurance policy is held insuring the holder against liability for any injury sustained from using those horses.

    Licences are issued annually to persons over the age of 18. A 3 month provisional licence may be issued to enable compliance, after which the applicant needs to reapply for a full licence.

    Inspections are carried out by a vet, who is on a register approved by the RCVS and is specifically trained in riding establishment licensing.

    Establishment proprietors must have a current certificate of insurance which indemnifies them against public liability for a minimum of £2 million.

  • Fees 

    Vet Fees plus the following 2018/19 application fees;

    • Up to 5 Horses £60.00
    • 6 to 10 Horses £115.00
    • If more than 10 horses, add £10 per addtional horse to a maximum of £225.00

    There is no need to make payment at this stage. You will be invoiced for the for the full amount after your veterinary inspection.

    To apply please download and complete the application form from Documents list and email to eh@winchester.gov.uk, or complete the online application form.