Boarding Animals Licence

  • Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963

    A licence is required for any premises where a person charges for providing temporary accommodation to other people's cats or dogs. Winchester City Council uses different sets of model conditions that are attached to licences issued. These are:

    1. Boarding Kennels and Catteries - commercial premises boarding dogs or cats overnight in specific units designed for such purpose.
    2. Dog Day Care Centres - Commercial premises where dogs are looked after whilst owners are at work etc. and are not boarded overnight.
    3. Home Boarding (Dogs) - Where dogs are kept in the domestic home of an individual(s) who charge for the service. Home boarders are allowed a maximum of 4 dogs to be boarded at any one time, whether they stay overnight or during the day.

    A Boarding licence is not required for the boarding of other types of animal.

  • Applying

    Complete the online form (see links) and pay online for either new or renewal applications

    Licences run from 1 January (or when issued) until 31 December and are renewable annually. The licence charges are listed below. Please indicate which of the above three categories you are applying for, as the online form is a generic application form.

    Alternatively please contact us on 01962 848097 (or email and we will arrange to post/email you the relevant application form.

  • Conditions

    Winchester City Council will impose any conditions on the licence that it considers to be necessary, such as:

    • Animals will be kept in accommodation that is suitable regarding size, temperature, lighting, ventilation, and cleanliness.
    • Animals will be supplied with adequate food, drink, and bedding material.
    • Animals will be adequately exercised and visited regularly.
    • Precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of infectious or contagious diseases.
    • Appropriate steps will be taken in case of fire or other emergency.

    The exact conditions vary depending upon which of the above categories you are licensed for. The model condtions can be downloaded from this page.

  • Fees

    The fees for Animal Licensing for 2018/19 are:

    • Animal Boarding (Commercial, including Day care) £196.00
    • Animal Boarding (Home) £109.00

    Methods of Payment:

    1. Credit/Debit card. Telephone 01962 848097 and your details will be taken.
    2. Online. Use the blue Pay button above the A to Z on our web pages. Choose Miscellaneous Payments. A new window appears. Choose Miscellaneous Payments again. Choose Animal Welfare from the list. Select the appropriate licence type and click on it. You are taken to an online form. Fill in the details and put the name of your premises in the message box. Remember to alter the amount to the correct fee
  • Inspections

    Appointed veterinary surgeons and practitioners, local authority officers, or other competent persons authorised by the local authority may inspect licensed premises and any animals at such premises at any reasonable time. Unlicensed premises may also be inspected following the granting of an appropriate court warrant. Premises will be risk rated to determine how often each one is inspected.

  • Refusal of licence

    A licence will be refused;

    • If the applicant is under 18.
    • If the applicant has been disqualified from holding an animal licence or keeping an animal.
    • If conditions of the licence are not met.

    If a licence is refused or conditioned, the applicant may appeal to a magistrates court against the refusal or a particular condition. The courts may revoke a licence and disqualify a defendant from holding an animal licence for a set period of time.