Air Quality in Winchester

Monitoring in Winchester

We have two real time air quality monitoring stations in Winchester city centre.

Until 2016 these consisted of a background site at Lawn Street near Friarsgate (Nitrogen dioxide and Particles up to 2015) and a roadside site in St Georges Street (Nitrogen dioxide and Particles). Early in 2017 we decommissioned these sites and have now installed two new roadside sites both measuring Nitrogen dioxide on St George's Street and Chesil Street.

We also have over forty nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes, monitoring air quality across both the City centre and the wider district. Annual data summaries can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Winchester's air quality data is also now hosted live on UK Air Quality net and historic data from 2011 onwards can also be viewed. Please note recent data has not been ratified or scaled so is subject to change.

Information on air quality at a national level can be downloaded from the DEFRA UK AIR Website. This includes a prediction for air quality over the next 24 hours.

On this page are annual summaries of the raw air quality data up to 2016, as there is now a requirement to compile data in a set format for DEFRA (called Annual Screening Reports or ASR's) we no longer compile these reports. The ASR's are available on the web page titled "Air Quality reports for Government" (see link).