Street Naming & Numbering

Street Naming & Numbering

We are the Street Naming and Numbering Authority for the administrative area of Winchester. We carry out this function under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1925 sections 17 -19.

The following procedures are undertaken by our Address Management Team:

  • Creation of new addresses for developments
  • Creation of new street names
  • Change of house name
  • Addition of house name to a numbered dwelling
  • Street renaming
  • Renumbering of properties on an existing street
  • Queries relating to your address

If you are making an application to add, change or remove a property name from your address please click here to complete the online form.

If you are making an application to create one or more new addresses please click here to complete the online form.

Please ensure you have all the information to hand before completing the form. As payment needs to be taken before the form can be submitted, ensure you have your method of payment i.e. debit/credit card available.