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"The vision for the area is for the delivery of a mixed-use, pedestrian friendly quarter that is distinctly Winchester and supports a vibrant retail and cultural / heritage offer which is set within an exceptional public realm and incorporates the imaginative re-use of existing buildings."


The objectives for the area were born out of an extensive community and stakeholder engagement process which enabled a collective vision to be produced.

Ten key themes were derived from the public engagement process; the first was an overarching theme supporting the positive change which could be brought forward through regeneration in incremental phases. Participants envisaged a mixed-use pedestrian friendly quarter which is distinctly Winchester; this is the vision for the SPD framework and builds upon LPP2 policy WIN4.

The remaining nine key themes derived from the public engagement process along with the nine priniciples set out in policy WIN4 were distilled and honed into eight objectives for the regeneration. The ninth objective was added during the consultation process in response to feedback.

  1. Vibrant Mixed-Use Quarter
  2. Winchesterness
  3. Exceptional Public Realm
  4. City Experience
  5. Sustainable Transport
  6. Incremental Delivery
  7. Housing for All
  8. Community
  9. Climate Change and Sustainability (this ninth objective has been added during the process of consultation)

The final and amended version of SPD approved by cabinet and the associated documents can be accessed here.

The vision includes plans for attractive buildings, streets and places designed and laid out with Winchester character and scale to preserve what makes our city special and what we’ve begun to call ‘Winchesterness’. By bringing a balance of restful and active spaces in the heart of the city and opening up the brook to the east of the site, we will create public realm that is a positive legacy for the city.

Creating a new bus hub and routing buses away from The Broadway and High Street to allow for environmental improvements to accommodate markets and other street based activities. It will aim to serve the whole community in a balanced approach.

There are a number of existing documents which provide guidance and further information on the area which will feed into the production of the SPD.  Local Plan Part 1 and emerging Local Plan Part 2 set the planning policies for the area together with the National Planning Policy Framework. The Local Plan Evidence Base also contains a lot of background studies and assessments that will be relevant to this area.

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