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The Winchester Context

The way in which the district has developed has resulted in a number of constraints which affect all forms of development. These include conservation areas, listed buildings, sensitive countryside and national and local ecological designations.

For these reasons, great care has to be taken in the choice of location for masts and antennae. This has to be balanced against the increasing demand for mobile services and the government's desire to provide the technology to meet that demand.

We encourage pre-application discussions with the operators to ensure that all options are explored. This should enable applications in unsuitable locations to be discouraged early on. Click here.

Operators are encouraged to place antennae on existing masts or buildings to reduce visual impact. Where this is not possible, a new mast may be the only option, but we will ensure that this is sensitively designed and that use is made of existing or new screening, such as trees, fences or buildings in accordance with policy DM22 of the Local Plan.



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