Householder and listed buildings

The information on this page is intended for Householders...

if you are looking to extend or improve your home we will provide a paid for service.

  • Price
    HOUSEHOLDER Fee Fee (including VAT)
    Householder and/or listed buildings (enlargement, improvement, alteration to an existing dwelling or development proposed within the curtilage [not including replacement dwelling but is including an annex]).




    Application relating to Disability Adaptations

    For Listed Building Enquiries only – Accidental damage/urgent works/structural failure requiring immediate attention (where not due to neglect). Free
  • Getting started

    Phone - 01962 848 177

    It is best to get in contact with us right at the start of your project,  we will be happy to hear your ideas and advise on the next steps which might include the paid for service which you can register with us over the phone.

    You can also submit:

    • Online

    You can submit your request and payment online here 


    Where your fee is Exempt or you wish to pay by a different method you can submit your request online here

    • Reception

    We have facilities in our reception where you can submit your request and payment.

    You will receive an automated acknowledgement which lists some contact phone numbers and timeframes which will help you access other enquiry services across the wider council. However for this Planning Enquiry service please refer to the advice given on this page about response timeframes and contact phone numbers. After you submit your enquiry we will acknowledge it with your reference number and then a Planning Officer will contact you.

  • Outcome

    We aim to advise of the merits of a scheme delivering more certainty by indicating likely or possible outcomes for it. The new service will allow us to understand what your priorities are and how you wish to receive our advice, to work collaboratively with you to shape your proposals and to clearly establish the options available to you with reference to the Development Plan framework.

  • Timeframe

    We will agree a deliverable timeframe with you to provide the advice requested only extending it where more time is needed for valid reasons.

    Please note that the Local Planning Authority cannot control response times from third party consultees but we will keep you informed about this.