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Biodiversity Net Gain

Introduction to Biodiversity Net Gain

When a development is proposed, it will soon be required to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) the biodiversity on the development site must be left in a better state than before the works were undertaken.  In this way development will have a positive impact on biodiversity and this will be achieved by developers working with local government, wildlife groups, landowners and other stakes holders. 

It follows the government’s pledge to ‘leave the environment in a better state than we found it and pass on to the next generation a natural environment protected and enhanced for the future’, as set out in the 2018 DEFRA 25 Year Environment Plan.

BNG will transform how developments are planned, designed, built and maintained. It has the potential to bring benefits to both people and wildlife such as giving communities beautiful natural spaces and bringing back wildlife.

But it is also vital for reversing the effects of years of habitat destruction which have left our environment less resilient and natural resources depleted.



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