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Brownfield Land Register

What is the purpose of the register?

A brownfield land register is a list of previously developed sites (as defined by planning legislation) that may be suitable for potential future development. 

  • Government Regulations require that we publish the Councils’ register online. This is the first version of the Register and it is  split into two parts, Part one is a comprehensive list of brownfield sites across the district that are suitable for residential development, regardless of their planning status.
  • Part two will be a list of only those sites granted 'permission in principle'. This is a new type of planning permission that will approve the fundamental principles - use, location, and scale of a development. When a site has 'permission in principle' a developer will still need to obtain a 'technical details' consent before proceeding with building work.

At this stage only details for sites identified in Part 1 have been included, it will be necessary for these to be updated and  any new sites or amendments, incorporated into future editions.  


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