Park & Ride/Cycle Season Tickets

Details of the season ticket options available for the Park and Ride service below.

  • Park and Ride Season Tickets

    Season Tickets are available for the Winchester Park and Ride car parks; they are a convenient and cost effective option for regular users.

    With a Season Ticket you would be able to park within any of the Winchester Park and Ride car parks without the need for daily payment at any car park ticket machine and at a discounted cost. The Season Ticket includes a Park and Ride Bus Pass. This Bus Pass will provide transport on the Park and Ride buses for you and any passengers who arrive with you in your car. Please note that purchase of a Season Ticket does not guarantee any space within a car park.

    If you visit Winchester on a part-time basis, the RingGo E-Wallet may be more suitable for you. For information about pre-payment for part-time users, please see our RingGo E-Wallet page.

    A Park and Ride Season Ticket costs £552.00 and is valid for one year

    You can apply online for a Park & Ride season ticket here

  • Park and Cycle (South Winchester) Season Tickets

    Winchester City Council is offering a limited number of season tickets for parking only, at the South Winchester Park & Ride car park. With the ticket, you can park your car without the need for daily payment at the ticket machine and cycle or walk into Winchester.

    With the completion of the Hockley Viaduct and National Cycle Route 23, Winchester has a safe cycling/walking route into the city from the South Park & Ride along Viaduct Way. The national cycle way takes in part of the former railway route along this scenic path of less then 3 miles to Winchester centre.

    Further information and a map of the route can be found here:Route 23/Viaduct Way.

    You can read more about the history of Viaduct Way here: Viaduct Way.

    The season ticket costs £110.00 and is valid for one year. Because the ticket is offered at a reduced price to the standard Park & Ride season ticket, this ticket does not allow any travel on the bus; although if you wish to travel on the bus, you can do so on a pay as you go basis (please contact Stagecoach for the latest bus travel prices).

    Cycle lockers are available at the South Park & Ride whereby users bring their own padlock and there is also a locked, shared cycle shelter available for use (please contact the Council to register and obtain the entrance code).

    Members of Winchester’s Bikeabout scheme can have the loan of a bicycle from the scheme which can be conveniently stored at the South car park until required. Information about Bikeabout can be found here: Bikeabout Scheme.

    To obtain your Park and Cycle ticket, please download and complete the application form below, sign the declaration and submit with payment. If applying by post, payment may be made by cheque or complete the credit/debit card section. If submitting in person, during opening hours, payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.

  • Loss or Theft of Season Ticket or Bus Pass

    A duplicate season ticket or Bus Pass may be issued where it has been lost or stolen. The existing ticket or pass will be made invalid upon issue of the duplicate. Any vehicle observed displaying an invalid ticket may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. If a bus driver is alerted to any person using an invalid bus pass, they may be refused travel on the Park and Ride bus.

    The fee for duplication of a lost Season Ticket or lost Bus Pass is £10. A stolen ticket or card may be duplicated free of charge if a valid police crime reference number is provided at the time of request for duplication. Should you lose either your Park and Ride Season Ticket or Bus Pass, with your request for a duplicate, you should return the corresponding Season Ticket or Bus Pass that is not lost. ie, if you lose your Bus Pass, please return your Season Ticket with your request for duplication and you will be provided with a new Season Ticket and Bus Pass.

    The issue of a duplicate Season Ticket or Bus Pass is at the discretion of Winchester City Council.

    Application for a duplicate permit must be made by form which can be downloaded below.