Park & Ride - FAQs

  • How regular are the buses to Winchester and what times does it run?

    The service starts at 0625 from East Winchester and 06.30 from South Winchester - These buses will offer users the chance to Park and Ride and Rail as they connect well with early trains to London Waterloo.

    The buses continue to run every 7 minutes during peak times (Mon-Fri) and every 12 minutes off peak.  On Saturday buses run every 15 minutes from 0700 then after 0900 run every 12 minutes.

    The Monday to Friday evening service stops around 19.45 and the frequency of buses in the evening after 18.00 is every 15 to 20 minutes.  The last buses leave the town centre around 19.30

    On Saturdays the evening services finishes earlier with the last buses at around 18.30 back to the car parks.

    No buses operate on Sundays, but parking is free in all car parks.

  • How does the bus route work?

    The bus route is a linked service running from the South Winchester P&R car park via Pitt P&R car park to the East Winchester P&R sites (Barfield and St. Catherine's car parks). This enables users to park at any car park and use any bus to access all destinations, as all buses serve all stops.

  • What are the ticket prices?
    • The standard Daily fee is £3 per day with cash in coins
    • An annual season ticket is £552 - which works out at £2.40 per day
    • An off-peak ticket (available after 10.30am Mon-Fri) costs just £2.50 per day with cash in coins
  • What does the ticket include and how is it used?

    The ticket is issued in two parts. One part is left on display in the car to cover all day parking in the car park; the other is shown to the driver on the Park & Ride bus to allow return travel for the driver and up to 6 passengers.  All passengers need to acquire a bus ticket from the driver.  These are only issued at the car parks.  If you need a passenger ticket for a return journey, please ask the driver for one at the car park.

  • Is the Park & Ride much cheaper than City Centre car parks?

    Yes, the cheapest all day parking in the City Centre is £7

  • What is a season ticket?

    A season ticket will enable its holder to park within the Park & Ride car parks without the need for daily payment at any car park ticket machine and at a discounted cost.  Please note that purchase of a Season Ticket does not guarantee any space within a car park.

  • How do I get a season ticket?

    Season Tickets that offer discounted parking can be purchased from Parking Services at City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester.

  • Can large employers get further discounts for bulk purchasing of tickets?

    Yes - contact the Winchester City Council parking office for further information.

  • Can I use my Park & Ride season ticket at any Park & Ride car park?


  • I use the athletics track on Saturdays, and use the 3 hour £1.50 ticket at the East Winchester car parks (Barfield and St Catherine's), is this still available?

    Yes, a 3 hour Saturday ticket at East Winchester is £1.50.

  • Can I pay by mobile phone?

    Yes, information in the park and ride car parks can help you pay for your parking using the RingGo service.  Your bus ticket is sent to you via a text message which you must show the bus driver.

  • What is the RingGo E-Wallet?

    It works similar to a park and ride smart card but uses your mobile phone.  Please see our Smart Card and E-Wallet page for more information.

  • When does the Park & Ride operate?

    The P&R service operates from 0625 to 1930 Monday to Fridays and from 0700 to 1830 Saturdays. No buses run on Sundays or Public Holidays

  • How often do the buses run?

    Every 7 minutes during the peak times and every 12 minutes at off peak times and all day Saturday.  After 18.00 in the evenings the frequency is reduced to every 20 minutes.

  • How I do know which car park the bus is heading for?

    The bus will show which car park it is heading for on its electronic message display on the front of the bus.

  • What if I get on a bus going the wrong direction?
    1. Ask your driver for information - They are most helpful and should be able to direct you to the nearest appropriate stop.
    2. Alternatively, stay on the bus which will eventually loop around the City and back to all car parks, though this may take some time!
  • How can I identify the Park & Ride buses?

    The Park & Ride buses are a distinctive two-tone green livery with Park & Ride markings on the front, back and sides.

  • How do I identify the Park & Ride bus stops?

    The majority of Park & Ride bus stops are green, apart from the stops in The Broadway which are black. All Park & Ride stops have a two-tone green Park & Ride bus stop flag. Each flag will let you know where you are and to which car park the bus is heading.

  • Which stop..?

    Which stop if most convenient for the Law Courts?
    Use either of the Westgate stops.

    Which stop is most convenient for the Prison?
    Use either of the Hospital stops.

    Which stop is most convenient for the University?
    Use either of the Hospital stops.

    Which stop is most convenient for the County Council?
    Use either of the Westgate stops.

    Which stop is most convenient for the City Council?
    Use either of the Broadway stops.

    Which stop is most convenient for the Cathedral and shopping area?
    Use either of the Broadway stops.

    Where do buses stop along Romsey Road?
    Buses along Romsey Road stop outside the Hospital, for those wishing to access the Hospital, University, Prison and Police Headquarters.

    Where, in the Broadway, do I catch the Bus to get to East Winchester P&R (St Catherine's & Barfield car parks)?
    Buses heading to East Winchester P&R (St Catherine's or Barfield car parks) pick up passengers outside St. John's House on the north side of The Broadway.

    Where, in The Broadway, do I catch a bus to the South Winchester P&R or Pitt P&R?
    Buses heading to South Winchester P&R, City Road, Railway Station and Romsey Road pick up passengers near the Guildhall on the south side of The Broadway.

  • Do Disabled Badge Holders have to pay to use the P&R service?

    Disabled Parking Badge holders may park at any of the Park and Ride car parks for free, however, they must pay for their bus travel.  Disabled Parking Badge holders who also hold a National Bus Pass may use the Park and Ride bus free of charge after 09:30 Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday.
    Anyone who has the National Bus Pass and wishes to use the car park should pay the appropriate parking fee.

  • Do the park and ride car parks have motor home bays or any designated bays?

    St Catherine's Park and Ride has 2 disabled bays and 10 motor home bays. South Winchester Park and Ride has 9 disabled bays and 7 shared use parent/child bays and disabled bays, which are located nearest to the amenity building. South Winchester Park and Ride also has motor home bays located near the amenity building on the central bus access road.

  • Are there public toilets at the Park & Ride sites?

    Public toilets are available at the St Catherine's and South Park & Ride sites. The facilites are open between the hours of 6:30am and 8:30pm. Disabled toilets are provided in both locations. St Catherine's also has baby changing facilities.

  • Can I walk and catch the bus back?

    Yes, but you will have to ask the bus driver for your bus tickets for the car driver and any passengers to allow you onto the bus for your return journey. If no bus ticket is produced for the return journey you will be charged the standard commercial fare.