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£60,000 grant for homelessness charity will help boost homelessness support in Winchester district 

£60,000 grant for homelessness charity will help boost homelessness support in Winchester district 

Homelessness services in Winchester are set to receive a boost following the approval of a £60,000 grant for Winchester-based homelessness charity Trinity. 

The funding, provided by Winchester City Council as part of its Homelessness Prevention Grant allocation, was agreed at a cabinet meeting on Monday 5 February. 

The grant will support Trinity to employ a new Housing Manager and continue the employment of a Move-On Development Coach, enabling the charity to better respond to homelessness in the district. 

The funding will help the organisation to address homelessness and vulnerability through specialist practical and emotional support, proactive prevention and empowering positive change. 

The council is committed to preventing and relieving homelessness, as outlined in its Council Plan 2020-25, as well as a supporting Preventing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy, which sets out a person-centred approach to support. 

The local authority works closely with partners such as Trinity and The Beacon, which provide support in alongside its own housing services. 

Speaking about the grant, Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr Chris Westwood said: 

“We recognise that to be able to offer the best possible solution for people facing homelessness, that we must work in partnership. We are fortunate to have such dedicated organisations in Winchester who work alongside our homelessness team offering 24/7 support. 

“The work that is done by Trinity in stopping the cycle of repeat rough sleeping is such a valuable activity in this city. It's supported by many, many people as a charitable organisation, not just this council and I am pleased that Trinity has applied for this grant.” 

Trinity Chief Executive Sue McKenna said: 

“We are delighted to receive this grant which will help us to provide support through our specialist housing services, which will also support people to move on to independent living successfully. 

“Preventing homelessness is key, we have a strong, collaborative working relationship with Winchester City Council housing team, where we share the same strategic goal, to end rough sleeping for good and to keep people in their homes.” 

The Grant also helps fund The Beacon, a charity which provides outreach work and night shelter accommodation.  

The overall aim of the activities funded by the grant is to prevent and end rough sleeping by increasing activities to prevent single-household homelessness, reduce the number of families living in temporary accommodation by maximising family homeless prevention opportunities, and reduce the use of bed and breakfast and emergency accommodation for families by providing more stable interim housing opportunities. 

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