Council issues £5,000 in fly-tipping fines in three months

Winchester City Council has upped its efforts to rid the district of illegally disposed waste with four cases leading to successful prosecution over the summer. 

Residents have continued to play a vital role in spotting and reporting fly-tipping. Hundreds of cases of illegal rubbish dumping have been reported via the Your Winchester app and the council's customer service team.

With the recent shortage of HGV drivers and reduced capacity at local recycling centres, people have been looking for alternative ways to get rid of their unwanted items. 

To further tackle the issue the council has installed CCTV cameras at known ‘hot spots’ and launched a poster campaign to stop would-be fly-tippers.

Winchester City Council is also asking local people to be aware of companies in the district who are offering to dispose of items for small sums of money. Whilst some legitimate businesses in the area offer this service under license, there are others who operate without license and who take the payment only to dispose of the waste irresponsibly. If residents pay a business to remove rubbish that is illegally disposed of, they could be liable for an unlimited fine when the waste is recovered and traced.

This means that it is important to check an operator holds the necessary license to avoid unwittingly having your waste fly-tipped and risking a large fine.

Top tips for how to deal with fly-tipping in your area:


  • Check to see if it has a sticker attached to it. If it does, we’re aware and we’re arranging disposal.
  • Use the MyCouncil app to log the exact location or lookout for the nearest landmark.


  • Approach the culprit. They’re committing a crime - your safety is paramount.
  • Touch the waste it could be dangerous and it can be used as evidence.
  • Remove anything from the site.

Cllr Angela Clear, Winchester City Council Cabinet Member for Communities and Wellbeing said:

“Although fly-tipping cases continue to blight the district, we are cracking down harder than ever on fly-tippers and will continue to do so as long as required. We will not tolerate illegal dumping of rubbish in our district and are grateful to members of the public who work with us to report the activity. This is a message to people who fly-tip; we are monitoring your activity and will seek to prosecute you.”

Please report any fly-tipping you find or witness to Winchester City using the Your Winchester app, online reporting form or calling Customer Services 01962 840 222.