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Winchester City Council clamps down on fly tipping across the district

Winchester City Council is tackling the problem of fly tipping by introducing a new on-site sticker system to alert the public to illegally dumped waste. 

The stickers let the public know when a fly tip has been reported for removal and also ensure that potential fly-tippers are informed that 'hot spot' locations are being monitored by the city council’s Neighbourhood Services team. 

The council is placing signs at locations across the district to encourage the public to record and report any incidents of fly tipping that they witness and act as a deterrent to offenders.

The council has taken action against 13 offenders in the past 9 months, including a case which appeared before Portsmouth Magistrates on 9 February where two offenders faced charges of failing to obtain a waste transfer note following the transfer of waste. This case was investigated by Winchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Services team and one further case is set to be heard in court. This is in addition to the issue of 5 fixed penalty notices in the same time period (FPN’s) that have amounted to hundreds of pounds in penalties.

Cllr Jackie Porter, Cabinet Member for Built Environment, said: 

“We want the public to know that illegally dumping rubbish is completely unacceptable in our district. It is a danger to wildlife, as well as being a blight on society and expensive to clear. These stickers show that the council is dealing with all reported fly tips as well as being a deterrent to anyone who is considering dumping their fly tip. Any evidence found will be used to trace and take action against those who dump their own and other people's waste illegally.”

If you find illegally dumped waste with a sticker attached, it means that the council is already aware, and will arrange for disposal as soon as possible. Help us to tackle fly-tipping – if you find any rubbish and there is no sticker on it please report it to, Your Winchester App or by phoning 0300 300 0013.


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