Statement - New waste collection rounds

New waste collection rounds are being introduced across all 54,000 homes in the Winchester district to enable us to roll out kerbside glass collection and improve the efficiency of rounds.

Letters and calendars to explain the arrangements were due to arrive with householders in good time. Unfortunately, many of these were not delivered on time due to distribution issues. We know this has caused some confusion and frustration for some residents.  We are very sorry for this as we know how important it is that we collect bins on time.

The new calendars are on their way, and should arrive by the end of the week, but we would urge people to check their new collection day and download their collection calendar online by visiting Please pass this information on to your neighbours if you think they might not know otherwise.

Where householders have missed a collection of household waste, we will be arranging to collect this next week and all details are on the homepage of the city council website and information will continue to be relayed to householders via letter and social media.