Public to have their say on the name of the Winchester regeneration area

Members of the public are being given the chance to give their suggestions for the name of the Winchester regeneration area by Winchester City Council.

Over the years the area included for redevelopment has had various names, the most well-known being Silver Hill.

However, with an ambitious and exciting new vision for the area, that has been agreed through extensive community engagement over the last two years, the council now feels a new name is needed to reflect this fresh start and expanded area. This is an opinion that was shared by many people throughout the engagement around the project’s supplementary planning document (SPD).

A list of potential names has been put together from suggestions already made by the public when they attended exhibitions and public events during the consultation period for the SPD.

The full list of all suggested names (including those that were possibly submitted in jest) will be available on the council’s website as well as across its social media channels.

To see them visit

People are welcome to give their feedback and suggestions for additional names via social media or by emailing by 9am on Monday 11 February 2019.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Caroline Horrill, who is also Chair of the Central Winchester Regeneration Committee (CWR), said:

“Public engagement and consultation throughout the project has been one of our highest priorities and it is only fitting that the public have an input into what the regeneration area could be known as in the future.

“The initial list of names draws from the history of the area as well as its distinct traditions and heritage. I’m sure some of the suggestions we have already received were offered ‘tongue in cheek’ but it’s important that the wider public have this final opportunity to make suggestions for us to consider and so I hope many people will get involved.”

The full list of names will be reviewed and shortlisted by the CWR Committee’s working group in February before a final selection is made and announced in the spring.