Recent work – paintings by Clare Goodman

An exhibition of recent work by local artist Clare Goodman goes on show this week at City Space in Winchester Discovery Centre. 

Clare is a popular local artist who graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1985.  She then spent several years dividing her time between Devon and Hampshire, exploring the contrasting scenery of the two counties, and developing her technique in many different aspects of landscape and seascape painting.  Through her familiarity with the topography of these two areas she has developed a sensibility to the effects of weather and seasons on the region. This sensibility has been acquired in part by the practice of painting many pictures of the same scene in different conditions of light and atmosphere.

Clare’s painting technique, similar to that of the Impressionist School, begins by using broad areas of colour not line, and then using dabs of colour; balancing warm colours against cool, heavily applied paint against light, rough textures against smooth.  She commented, “I am delighted to have this opportunity to exhibit in City Space.  It is always rewarding, if a little scary, having worked on these paintings in the privacy of the studio to eventually see them go on public display.”

Clare now lives and works in Winchester and, in between running art classes and completing commissions, has produced many new works exhibited here for the first time. For a number of her new pieces she has concentrated on the theme of water, featuring coastlines and rivers and including the water meadows around Winchester.

Clare enjoys working with the community, and an important part of this for her has been to encourage people to develop their creativity and try their hand across a range of different styles and subject matter.  During her exhibition at City Space, she will be working in the gallery and demonstrating to visitors the techniques she uses to achieve the dramatic effects of light and colour that are such a distinctive feature of her work.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 7th June until Sunday 22nd June.  Admission is free, and Clare will be demonstrating on Saturday 14th and Saturday 21st June from 2pm to 4pm.