Community Alarms

Alarm Monitoring Centre

The Alarm Monitoring Centre is open 24 hours a day. From here staff are always available in an emergency for tenants of our sheltered housing schemes and any residents in the district who use the Lifeline service.

Any repair issues will be a dealt with on the next working day.


  • What is Lifeline?

    The Lifeline is an alarm system, which enables you to call for help in an emergency. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system operates over the telephone network. The unit itself contains two parts. The main instrument, which plugs into the telephone line and a small alarm button for the resident to carry at all times while at home. The majority of people wear the button as a pendant, although it is possible to wear it on a wrist strap.

  • What happens if there is an emergency?

    When the alarm button is pressed the unit automatically dials the Alarm Monitoring Centre. When the alarm call is received, the resident's details are immediately displayed on a screen, together with names, addresses and telephone numbers of doctor, relatives or friends. We then use the system as a loud speaking telephone to speak to the person and establish the exact nature of the problem and summon the appropriate help. This might mean getting a friend / relative to go round or calling a doctor or ambulance immediately.

    The names and telephone numbers of three contacts must be provided. These may be a friend, neighbour or relative, who is prepared to provide support, possibly at any time of the day or night. Obviously if it was anything serious, next of kin and relatives would be contacted. If a person requests a doctor or ambulance, we will call one without delay, in addition to calling a third party.

  • How much will Lifeline cost?

    Our Lifeline charges consist of two parts. A rental, which includes on-site maintenance for the unit itself, and a cover charge. The standard cost associated with receiving the lifeline service is shown below but may be higher if Telecare sensors are required. All installation is free of charge and carried out by our officers. Please contact the Lifeline Service to provide a quote to suit your own requirements.

    Lifeline Standard Cover

    Subscriber supplies the service with three contacts to call in an emergency

    Lifeline Rental with Standard Cover and Monitoring  - cost per week + VAT (if applicable*)


     Extra Equipment

    Extra Pendant - cost per week + VAT (if applicable*)                          £0.63
    Safe Socket - cost per week + VAT (if applicable*) £0.96
    Replacement pendant £83.02 one off cost (£99.62 VAT is included)  

    Key Safes are advisable.

    We can supply and fit Secure by Design safes at a cost of £62.00


    * Some customers may be exempt from paying VAT on the lifeline service depending on their circumstances.

  • How do I apply for Lifeline?

    If you are interested or require further information please ring the Lifeline Service on 01962 855335 or email They will be able to give you more information about the services available and can arrange for the system to be demonstrated in your own home without obligation.